Nurtured in the Wild

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Nurtured in the Wild

Our Woodland Well-being, ( adult only) Groups have been created to allow you the space to relax and unwind in nature. To find a place to eliminate the daily stresses of modern life, bringing balance in a gentle, caring and nurturing environment.

You will be immersed in nature's healing hands, in 25 acres of private countryside, aligning your mind body and soul. Leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Each session will vary, sharing the common theme of promoting your emotional, cognitive and physical health. Opening with mindfulness activities whilst embracing ourselves, our feelings and our natural world. Each session will close with a drink around the campfire.

Time spent in nature has a positive and lasting impact on our mental health and is crucial for our overall well-being

We will be running fortnightly talking walks and gardening sessions, which are free of charge and designed to form connection in nature to improve our mental health and well-being, ensuring we feel heard, nurtured and cared for in an informal and kind setting.

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