A day in the woods


9 am- Welcome and morning drop off by our Barn studio

Welcome into our site, to share stories, chat about our day ahead and refresh the three simple Forest School rules;

Look after yourself
Look after each other
Look after nature

9:30am Free play/morning adventure/morning walk

The groups can decide where they would like to roam. Through free play, supported by highly skilled partitioners, the children can choose, where on our site they wish to explore. The children will join us in risk assessments and choosing which natural resources they wish to play with. Our team will always be close by to hold a hand when needed.

Each day we offer the opportunity for children to refill our wildlife feeders. As our nursery grows, we hope to add some small animals into our setting.

There will be fruit and vegetable snack available in during the morning session.

12:00-:13:00 pm Lunch and relaxation

We use our lunch time to gather together, connect over our lunch and chat about our morning, our afternoon and everything in-between. Our team, always share meals with the children, to enhance our community.

Our snug, resting tent and studio all offer a warm and cosy space for children to rest, depending where we choose to eat our picnic.

Storytime/songs/community time
Children can access books at ANY time during their day. after lunch we like to share a story for any children who don't wish to rest, and anyone who is still nibbling on lunch.

13:00- 14:30 Free play

During lunch we will plan WITH our children, where they would like to roam for the remainder of their day with us.

14:45-15:00 closing the day

Whether this be a story, a song or a chat, we will gather together at the end of each day, to say goodbye, chat about our day and await collection, either in our studio or outside on our grassed welcome area

Our child centred, child-led, process driven ethos, ensure no two days are ever the same, which adds to the excitement for the children and our wonderful team.