Below we have tried to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are incredibly passionate about the benefits fo spending all day immersed in nature, but realise you may have further questions for us. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, via email.

What happens when the weather is really cold or wet?

We aim to be outside for the majority of our time together. However, there will be times, when the winds are a little wild and the temperatures a little cold. On these days we will use our intuition to decide if it's better to spend some time together in our beautiful indoor studio. There may be days where we wander back to warm up and change, returning to the woods when we feel the children are ready.
Rest assured we will always keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure you children are safe and well at all times

What happens if my child still naps?

If your child still naps or enjoys a rest, we will ensure they have time and space to do so. They can either snuggle in one of our tents, in hammocks, (under the trees), in our snug or in our studio. This will depend on where we have our lunch and where our adventures guide us. However, we will always be led by your child's desire to rest, and ensure there is safe, warm and relaxing space made for them

Where will my child go to the toilet?

We have a fully working toilet on site, near our studio. We also have portable composting potties/toilets in the woods. There are also portable potties on our trollies and we have pop up toilet tents, to ensure your child's privacy is respected at all times. We ask you to send additional spare clothes for your child, if they are still toilet training.

We carry portable hand washing facilities with us, wherever we roam.

What is the settling in process?

Once you have submitted a registration form, you will be sent an 'About me' form to complete. this is gives us a wonderful insight into your colds, likes, dislikes and unique personality. We always encourage you to give us as much information as possible. This helps us to build a strong connection with your child.

We offer children 3 settling in sessions as standard, but we would never rush the process and if you feel you and your child need more time, that is absolutely fine. We aim to create a beautiful partnership with families, and ensure your child feels comfortable and safe. Our intuitive and empathetic team will work with you and your child/children to create a nurturing experience.

What happens when you have a fire? Will my child be safe?

Our primary role is to nurture your child's well-being and safety. The fire circle is the heart of our woodland. We won't have fires every day, but they will be an integral part of our life at Wonder Woods. Our fire circle rules will be established as a group, and we will learn and grow together. There will always be a team member beside the fire. however, you will be amazed by the way children adapt to fire safety, and how quickly they wish to be part of the process, collecting woods, lighting the fire, cooking, maintaining the fire and extinguishing the flames.

We believe the greatest benefits to having fires, is the feeling of community we gain from the moments spent, cooking, creating and chatting together.

What is Risky Play?

Risky play is often defined as play that provides opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries and learning about injury risk. Outdoor learning provides children with the opportunity to engage in a riskier experience, where they can seek out challenges.

Why do you use real tools?

Alongside developing and strengthening a child's development, using real tools and exposure to risky play situations can also support children in exploring their boundaries. Encouraging children to self risk assess can teach them about safety and consequences in using the tools properly. Risky play and use of real tools enhances well-being, self-confidence and builds relationships along the way.

What are your ratios?

We work with ratios of 1:4. However, we hope to have volunteers on hand during the days to increase support and bring new skills to our setting.

What are open ended resources?

An open-ended resource is any item that can be used in a range of ways - this could include things such as wooden blocks, a range of fabrics, a lump of clay, milk crates, shells, paper and a range of mark-making tools, pebbles and stones, water, cardboard boxes - the list is endless.

What if I want someone else to collect my child/children?

If you wish your child to be collected by someone other than the agreed person, we will need notice of this in advance. this will allow us to issue a password, which must be used on collection.

What are your opening hours?

We run in line with Solihull School term times and open 09:00-15:00 each day. We are currently open Tuesdays and Wednesdays and will be looking to extend these hours as our provision grows.

How will we communicate about my child's needs?

We aim to create a positive and string relationship between family and setting. We are always here should you need a chat regarding any concerns, or to share news. We will also be using an app called, 'Blossom' to share your child's journey each day, while they are away from you. This is a dual sharing platform, to enable us to quickly share information and communicate at all times. Your information is confidential at all times.