Our Approach

Our approach


Our passion for nurturing each child's individuality, creativity, imagination and happiness sits at the core of Wonder Woods. We truly believe in the Forest school ethos, and the incredibly positive impact it has on children of all ages and abilities. Through encouraging children to experience the freedom of nature, we enable them to blossom and grow, away from the expectations and limits which are so often placed upon them, in the modern world.

Building a team of empathetic, intuitive and kind practitioners, is central to ensuring, our setting can nurture the souls of both our children and staff. Nature connection and well-being are central to our ethos. Nature connection, creates a meaningful bond with the earth, and by doing so, we encourage children to realise, they too are part of nature. Playing freely under the trees, at a pace dictated by them, allows the entire team, to leave the woods, feeling calm, relaxed and understood, while being part of a beautiful community.

Our holistic approach and high adult to child ratios, places particular emphasis on relationship building. This enhances our understanding of each child, (as a beautiful unique person), enabling our team, to follow the children's lead with enthusiasm and kindness. Ensuring no two days are ever the same.

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"