Welcome to Wonder Woods!

Wonder Woods is a small, nurturing setting, providing care for children ages 2.5 and upwards

Our Nursery is open term time 09:00-15:00 Monday to Thursday

Our Flexi schooling and Home ed provision is on its way

We also provide holiday clubs, after school clubs, weekly forest school, SEND groups and support groups

we aim to ensure we have some thing for everyone of all ages and abilities


Welcome to, Wonder Woods Forest School and Outdoor Nursery. Our beautiful site is nestled in a private nature reserve and gardens, within stunning countryside. Our setting has been lovingly Cared for by the Woolman family for many years as both a home and a conservation project. Within the grounds, you will find various woodland areas, meadows, a beautiful spinney, allotments, ponds, streams, many species of flora, and an abundance of thriving wildlife. This wonderful space offers unlimited opportunities for children of all ages.



Forest School is a wonderfully nurturing ethos, originating in Scandinavia.

The wonderfully wild nature of Forest School, enables children of all ages and abilities to deepen their understanding of self, others and the natural environment surrounding them. This long term and natural approach to learning, challenges without setting limitations of planned activities, embracing the Childs instinctive ways of learning through play. Forest School champions the Childs right to play and assess their own risks, empowering them to make their own decisions. The natural learner led approach, enhances, (over time), Self-belief, emotional and physical well-being, communication skills, confidence and problem solving,( to name but a few).

By creating an environment rich with sensory and physical input, in a natural space, we are able to observe children,( and adults alike), blossom and grow, through their connection with nature and the self understanding they gain. In creating this enabling environment, we encourage learning through process, rather than focussing on the final product. This inspires, freedom of choice, imaginative play, creativity and understanding.

At Wonder Woods, we hope to create a nurturing, communal space for everyone, to express themselves, freely in the wild, to truly experience the beauty around them and the freedom of play, without limitation.

Our Approach

At Wonder Woods, our approach is centred around, kindness, understanding and connection.

We believe a deep understanding of self and each other, creates meaningful connections and leaves children feeling nurtured, welcome and heard. It is when children feel connected, we see their innate curiosity and imagination blossom, through their play.

Child centred, child led play, in nature, is our passion. As we enable children to trust themselves, assess their risks and care for their environment, we encourage them to believe in their abilities. Immersing ourselves in the process rather than the product. giving children the freedom to explore, absorb their world and express themselves freely.

By embracing a 'whole person' approach, we empower children's creativity and engagement, strengthening their well-being and emotional health.

By the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling